Things We Used To Drink/ Memory Of The Future 7 inch single

To be released July 10, 2012 everywhere. Single release party at Flicker Bar & Theater on July 6, 2012. Cupcakes, solo sets by Jason NeSmith,the late b.p.helium, Gregory Sanders, Kay Stanton, A Che Why, Hannah Jones.

Things We Used To Drink
Vocals, bass and lyrics by Kay Stanton
Memory Of The Future
Vocals, drums and lyrics by Hannah Jones

Music by Supercluster:
Bill David: mandolin, vocals
Bob Hay: acoustic guitar
Vanessa Hay: keyboards, vocals
Hannah Jones: drums, vocals
Jason NeSmith: guitar, autoharp
Bryan Poole: electric guitar
Kay Stanton: bass, vocals

Studio Mouse Productions
Copyright 2012
Recorded and mixed by Jason NeSmith at Bel*Air Studios.
300 pressed
Distributed by Revolver USA.
Available at and local independent music stores everywhere including Wuxtry and Lo Yo-Yo Stuff.
Radio: Team Clermont